We Are the Street Food Institute!

We help people realize the dream of owning and operating a successful foodservice business.

Ready to Roll?

SFI classes and on-the-job training opportunities bring you up to speed quickly on the specific skills you need to meet your career goals.

Café, Trucks and Catering

From our fleet of food trucks, to professional catering, to fresh made from scratch items in our cozy café, great food is what we do.

Our Vision

Please help support our vision for a healthy, sustainable and creative food future across New Mexico.

The word is out: street food rocks, and rolls. Whether it’s served from a two-wheel cart, a pop-up booth or a full-blown kitchen on wheels, the street food revolution is well underway and it’s picking up speed at a phenomenal pace.

People enjoy street food for a number of reasons: for a quick, inexpensive bite on the run, to sample flavorful local or exotic food in a social setting, to experience new ethnic cuisines, and to support entrepreneurs, small food businesses and local vendors.

Everyday, more and more of us who are hungry for healthy, creative food choices are pulling over and standing in line to find out what everyone is talking about. And we’re glad we did.

Wholesome, affordable, well-prepared and well…just plain indescribably delicious culinary concoctions are showing up everywhere and are fast becoming America’s go-to choice for good food fast.

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    Is SFI Right for You?

    Culinary Students

    eager to get started on a promising career in creative food service and catering

    Street Food Vendors

    hungry to learn about best practices for growing your business and increasing your profits

    Future Entrepreneurs

    with an appetite for learning about the many and growing opportunities emerging in today’s street food revolution

    Community Leaders

    ready to support meaningful community development and education

    What Is The Street Food Institute?

    SFI is a non-profit organization that was created over a decade ago to serve as an entrepreneur-focused and workforce training culinary program. We’re guided by our belief that food has an amazing capacity to connect people and enrich our community by creating jobs, developing local business opportunities and inspiring the culinary leaders of tomorrow.

    We’re here to share, teach and inspire students, future entrepreneurs, existing food truck operators, and the generous sponsors who support our vision.

    Our Entrepreneurial Food Management Training Course is designed to teach the basics of what it takes to operate any small food based business, and then give each student the experience and confidence they need to find employment or start a business their own.

    The Community and SFI

    The Street Food Institute curriculum was developed in partnership with the Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) – an outstanding culinary program offering state-of-the art facilities for training future chefs (link to CNM program)

    The classroom training and internships provide real-world business experience and are available through CNM or directly to community members interested in starting their own small food business.


    What Our Grads are Saying

    “…we learned how to run a food concession trailer, & advertising and marketing, and we are very thankful for their ongoing support.”

    Opening in summer of 2024! This 5,800 square foot space in the heart of the Barelas Neighborhood will be more than just a state of the art commissary kitchen, it will be SFI’s new home. This space will allow us to expand our entrepreneurial food management program and also provide engaging community events. If you are interested in a tour please contact emily@streetfoodinstitute.org.