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Our food trucks, café and catering offer experience for students and outstanding food for you.

The Trucks

An essential learning tool in the SFI Training Program is our fleet of three food trucks where students can take classroom skills right to the street.

SFI trucks are open for business throughout the community at busy local venues, special events and catering assignments where they serve healthy, affordable and creatively prepared meals.

Under professional supervision, SFI students take care of business, sourcing, preparing, cooking, serving and managing the day’s receipts.

As regular SFI customers will tell you, pride is on every menu, everyday. These motivated students are known for their exceptionally delicious, professionally prepared and truly inspired meals.

With three full time food trucks in service, chances are an SFI food truck is somewhere close to you right now.

Find a Truck Today

With three full time food trucks in service, chances are there is an SFI food truck somewhere close to you right now. Like us on Facebook to get our location updates.

Need A Truck For Your Event?

We’re always looking for opportunities to set-up where we’re needed. Let us be your turnkey solution for no-host food service at your next event. Especially in locations where food and beverage services are not close by, SFI food trucks are the perfect pop-up foodservice solution for special events, festivals, conferences, and large meetings.

Contact us to find out more about how SFI Food Trucks can enrich your event experience.



If you’re involved in organizing a special occasion, wedding, conference, business meeting or other engagement, SFI offers catering services for any event… large or small, casual to formal.

We’ll create a menu tailored to your tastes using seasonal ingredients, flavors from New Mexico or recipes from around the world. Whether your palate leans toward the exotic or towards local specialties, the SFI culinary team is ready to create a memorable food experience for your event.

Food Truck staff also welcome the challenge of designing customized menus to enhance your event theme, or to creatively accommodate specific dietary restrictions.

What better way to show your guests that you support your community through meaningful educational programs like SFI.


The Café

A key component of the SFI program is the SFI Café located in the Student Services Center on the Central New Mexico Community College Main Campus.

Created in partnership with CNM, SFI Café is in essence, a business incubator where current and former culinary students as well as graduate start-ups come to develop, test and refine their skills, products and entrepreneurial concepts in a real world business environment.

The Café has become a popular, thriving center where students, faculty, employees and CNM visitors can enjoy a delectable array of café-style foods and beverages.

In addition to SFI interns who prepare daily menu items such as savory breakfast burritos, sandwich wraps, salads and soups, The Café also integrates several local, small businesses owned and operated by former SFI and CNM students.

Besides a comfortable place to relax and enjoy great food, the SFI Café serves as a powerful demonstration of how foodservice education inspires creativity, creates opportunity and enriches our community.