Street Food Institute is Helping One Women Find Vocational Success in the Kitchen

SFI is proud to announce an ongoing partnership with Crossroads for Women, a program dedicated to empowering women to sustain a fulfilling life within their community post incarceration. Making the transition from prison back into ones community has proven difficult, especially when it comes to finding employment. According to a report by the Prison Policy Initiative, over 27% of formerly incarcerated people are unemployed, where a larger portion of these individuals are women.

SFI believes it is important to continue building our partnership with Crossroads for Women, which brings us to our first success story: Bianca, a twenty-two year old future chef in training. Bianca successfully completed SFI’s 12 week internship program and now works 20-25 hours a week as a valued member of our food truck team.

“I’m getting all these new skills and learning different cooking techniques, and I love it! My boss and co-workers make the work environment awesome, and I like the challenging fast pace and variety that come from vending at different locations and events.”

We hope that Bianca’s story will serve as inspiration to others who face employment difficulties following incarceration. Click to learn more about Bianca’s journey and the Crossroads for Women program.