The Official Newsletter of the Street Food Institute

Coming soon…The Barelas Central Kitchen



Still under construction, the highly anticipated Barleas Central Kitchen, in partnership with Homewise, will be completed in Spring of 2024. The 5800 square foot space in the heart of the Barelas neighborhood will be more than just a kitchen. It will be SFI’s new home, a community hub and a place for our graduates and food entrepreneurs to utilize as their commissary kitchen.

This kitchen is not only a symbol for community growth, it will also operate as an educational space. SFI will host its entrepreneurial food management courses here and there is opportunity for community cooking classes and monthly markets. In addition, there are three street facing retail spaces that our students can utilize to test their business concepts.


Want to get involved?



As we move into our new home, we would like to invite the community to get involved. We envision this space as a meeting ground where the community can come together. Enjoy a cup of coffee and eat a pastry in good company. We want people to feel welcome when they walk through our doors.

One way to achieve this is by recognizing members of our community throughout the kitchen and education space. We are excited to announce that we are embarking on a naming rights campaign. We would like to invite individuals, businesses and organizations to display their name in a chosen area and be apart of this community space for years to come.

If you would like to take a tour of the kitchen please reach out to



Student Business Highlight

We would like to introduce Chef Ernesto Torres Lemus. He is a graduate of our entrepreneurial food management course and is the Chef/owner of Sentli. Chef Ernesto specializes in pre-hispanic Mexican dishes and celebrates the use of masa and traditional ingredients. Be sure to follow him on social media @sentliabq for his schedule of pop up events!

“Without the dedicated team at the Street Food Institute, my business, Sentli, would still just be a dream of mine. Street Food Institutegave me the support and guidance I needed to believe that I could start a small business. They helped me through the difficult administrative and logistical challenges that otherwise might have prevented me from building my business.” -Chef Ernesto





Community Collaboration

Part of SFI’s mission is building partnerships with local organizations. For Halloween 2023 we had the opportunity to partner with Electric Playhouse, a local startup known for its immersive dining experiences. Together, we created a 5 course Halloween inspired dinner. But, this collaboration was not just about food. It was an opportunity for our students to get involved and showcase their food on a unique platform. It pushed their creative boundaries and was a vital lesson in understanding the world of business, marketing, and entrepreneurship. We look forward to creating more community partnerships that will allow for unique hands on experiences for our students.





SFI’s Traveling Entrepreneurial Food Management Course


April of 2023 marked the launch of our traveling Entrepreneurial Food Management class. It has been a long time goal to expand our program beyond ABQ. Thanks to grant funding through the EDA, this dream became a reality and we were able to travel to areas in NM where access to culinary and business education is limited. In April we visited Silver City and offered a 4 day intensive culinary bootcamp where participants received hands on training from our chefs. We covered many topics ranging from marketing, menu design, recipe testing and cost analysis. In August, we traveled to Farmington for our second round of teaching. In total, we helped 30 entrepreneurs develop their business concepts and will continue to provide support to ensure their success. For example, as part of the EDA grant funding we are able to provide free in depth workshops for all our students and cover topics like branding, marketing, social media and financial planning. If you are interested in joining these workshops please email