Street Food Institute | Graduates

Here’s what graduates are saying about their Street Food Institute training.

Kalamata 505

Artisan Breads Bakery

“As a business owner and CNM culinary student, the experience that I have gained by selling my breads and pastries at the SFI café has helped me to grow my business. I can reach new customers, test new products, and receive expert help from the Street Food Institute Chefs when I need it. I love being able to offer my services to other CNM students!”– Frossene King, Owner, Kalamata 505

Atomic Age Bakery

Bakery and Mobile Cafe

“I am so grateful for the experience, training and mentoring that Street Food Institute has provided me. I dreamt of owning my own business, and food truck, for years; but didn’t know how to make it happen. With their intern program I gained the experience I need to see what it was truly like to work on a food truck.They have been with me every step of the way – through permitting, advising on costing, product selection, packaging, etc. I started my business a year ago with a booth at the farmer’s market, purchased a food trailer, and continue to grow with SFI’s help and continued support.” – Kristi Rauth-Snider

Lilly Marie’s Coffee

Roasting Gourmet Coffee

“Getting into the food business is exciting and hard work. The Street Food Institute, has an effective practical model that helps food entrepreneurs discover a great teaching environment to work within and begin your culinary career.”

Soul 2 Soul Catering

“Working with Street Food Institute was the most hands on, real time experience I have encountered in my career. The experience was top notch, instructors were amazing, and the journey was awesome. I recommend this program for anyone looking to go into the food truck industry!!!”

Buen Provecho

Costa Rican and Latin Food, Albuquerque

In 2016, Kattia Rojas registered for the food truck and the entrepreneur course at CNM, as part of the Culinary Arts Program. The opportunity to work as an intern provided her with the skills and confidence she needed to start her own business. Thanks to SFI she established a work relationship with an industrial kitchen, markets and inspectors, as part of her plans to start her own catering business. They also provided valuable guidance towards this goal.

“I will be forever grateful for their valuable help. They played a pivotal role during this process,” Kattia explained.

Her participation in a number of markets during the weekends helped Kattia gain more valuable experience and, after two years, she is now ready to expand her venture: Buen Provecho is planning to open its first location in April, 2018.

Facebook: Buen Provecho Albuquerque

Pink Ladies

Joslynn Gutierrez

Street Food Sensations

Lorenzo Garcia
318 Isleta blvd SW
(505) 414-7722