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Your Support is Vital

For many students, access to educational opportunity is a serious financial struggle. Because of you, SFI keeps the doors to educational opportunity wide open to everyone who seeks to learn and grow.

As a non-profit social enterprise, SFI relies on the generous support of our friends, local governments, foundations, collaborators and businesses to sustain our academic programs and realize our vision to building communities and futures through food.

Cash Sponsorships

Your $150.00 donation sponsors a student for an entire program; including classroom learning and hands-on foodservice training in our trucks, kitchen and café.

Any donation amount is appreciated and directly supports our students.

Hire Us

Hire a truck or have us cater an event. See our Eat page for more information.

Community Partnerships

We have many custom opportunities for partnerships with businesses and local organizations. We’d love to talk to you about the possibilities.

 Help us keep SFI a vital, sustainable community asset. Individual donations, sponsorships and support are vital to our future.

Our Community Partners

We couldn’t do it without you. Thanks to our community sponsors and individual donors like you, more than 40 students were enrolled in our program last year.